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A Honest Review of The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass is one of the hottest selling products on the Internet. The increasing number of sales everyday makes sense. There are a huge number of people around the world who need help to get laid, and this is what exactly this product provides. If you are looking for techniques and tips on attracting the woman you have a fantasy for, then this ebook can help you get her. It’s written by Joshua Pellicer, who himself started as a loser with ladies, until one day he learnt the art of enticing woman though various means of techniques. Today, the author is well known as the relationship expert, solving problems of millions of people worldwide.

What Are People Saying About It?

Feedbacks and review of people about a product play a very important role in determining the success and failure of it. Well, we believe even you would be willing to read a couple of them to satisfy your urge. Here, we have brought a couple of reviews of users of The Tao of Badass for you.

This is one of the best dating ebook that I have ever come across. It is based on the facts and exhibits realities of life. The tips and techniques provided in this book are unique and quite effective. After going through this system I have already started feeling a lot of improvement in myself. I would highly recommend this to all those looking to have a perfect date. – Kim Oliver
Guys who are still waiting to hit on the girl they like, you really have no idea what you’ve been missing till now. Despite of trying a lot of dating sites and books, this is the only one that stood up to its claim. My friends have already started calling me “Women Charmer”. – Donald

Who Is Joshua Pellicer?Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer is very popular relationship expert and known to give effective dating advice to his students. The author of the book has been featured on many television and radio shows. He is always seen sharing his experience and stories about dating to boost the morale of people who couldn’t do much in this department. .

Many people are not aware of the fact that before becoming the author of top selling ebook on dating and relationship, Joshua Pellicer used to be a wimpy kid. He was a simple loser in the department of dating and relationship. With his dedication to learn the art of wooing women, he worked on various aspects of understanding the deep conscience of women and here are the results. A person who started out as a zero is now a total hero for every dating-troubled guy.

What Is Tao Of Badass?

In this book you will find a detailed overview of why and how the whole program was created and how it can benefit you as an individual. The Tao of Badass is a book that teaches you how to be gentleman with all due respect of the ladies. It teaches you tips and techniques on how to woo the girl you have been eying on for a long time. But more importantly, this book explores some fact and realities that you may have never thought of. But, they will certainly help you become a better person.

Flipping through the pages you will realize that every chapter teaches you something unusual and new. It promises to take you to different characteristics if your personality that were not even aware of. The Tao of Badass is an extremely powerful book. Reading it from start to finish and making the right use of it can help you fulfill your dreams.

The Tao of Badass consists of 10 chapters that talk about different aspect of dating and women. As you will reach the last chapter you will realize a great difference in your personality. It will automatically transform you to a better person in every aspect of life.

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System Format

This well calculated dating bible is designed to help under-confident guys make some small alterations in their life in order to become a smart and confident individual. He should be able to get the girl he wants in life. The tips and techniques provided in this book are based on real life examples and practicality. The book includes a well researched and conceptualized content on on various topics such as:

  • Importance of making eye contact while conversing
  • How to repeat the sentences that you think have attracted women without sounding cheesy.
  • Understanding the body language of women.
  • Tips to overcome your fear for approaching women
  • Getting success in reach test that women throw on the guys to check their vulnerability.
  • Ways to approach women and talk to them confidently.
  • How to make get noticed among group of women.
  • Topics you can choose to keep a conversation interesting.
  • The sophisticated skills to stop a woman on the street
  • How to get the first kiss and many more.

You will definitely find all the answers to the questions popping up in your mind while reading this book. This book is designed to kill all kind of curiosity on a guy and make him a confident person who knows his every step well.


The best part of reading this book is that it actually talks to you. It is engaging, interacting and interesting for the readers to read. It can make you understand most complex of the situations in the simplest way.

It is one of those honest and straightforward dating guide that will make you understand yourself, as well the thought process of your interest. It will help you understand each and every shade of your personality and help you come out as a better person.

As far as pricing is concerned you need not have to worry at all about your bank balance. You don’t have to spend your fortune to buy this ebook. However, the book is worth each and every penny you’ll spend on it. The price of the book is worth each information you will get in it.


People often become over-dependent on this system. The explanations and tips mentioned in this book are so good that reader have the chances of relying on it 24/7. This should not be the case. It is very important to use your own common sense while reaching to a conclusion, especially when human feelings are involved.

The final outcome of this system majorly depends on one’s family and social values. You may or may not become a better individual in terms of dating if your family values do not allow you to. Society does not like men who look out for ways to woo women and get laid. So the change that you might bring in yourself may not be acceptable by many around you.

Final Conclusion and Rating

According to us, the rating for The Tao Of Badass is 9 out of 10. We highly recommend this book by Joshua Pellicer to all those who want to fulfill their desires and get the girl they desperately want to be with. Even though the book doesn’t promise you that you’d laid with the girl you fantasize, but it will definitely make your a much confident and better person. It can be treated as dating bible by those who feel awkward in communicating with women and get nervous whenever a girl even tries to talk to them.

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